Institutional Burials Act 2022 (Act 18 of 2022)Institutional Burials Bill 2022 (Bill 23 of 2022)

Bill entitled an Act to provide for the appointment from time to time by the Government of a corporation sole, to be called a Director of Authorised Intervention, for the purposes of excavating land associated with an institution owned, operated, controlled or funded by a public body and, having regard to the need to accord dignity to persons buried in that land, recovering human remains buried in that land in a manifestly inappropriate manner; to provide, where appropriate, for the establishment of an Identification Programme; to provide for the participation of certain relatives of persons thought to be buried in the land concerned in the Programme; to provide for the establishment, by Forensic Science Ireland, of a DNA (Historic Remains) Database and a related Database for personal information for the purposes of that Programme; to provide for final arrangements for the human remains recovered from such land; for those and related purposes to enable a Director in certain circumstances to access and carry out works over principal burial land and ancillary burial land and, where necessary, on land ancillary to principal burial land and ancillary burial land and to provide for the payment of compensation in certain circumstances to persons for interference with an interest in or right over such land; to provide for the carrying out of remedial works on land when work on the land concerned is completed; to provide for the establishment of an Advisory Board to provide advice and guidance to a Director in the performance of his or her functions; to provide that a relevant Minister may make regulations, having regard to potential developments in forensic science, to enable forensic testing of samples in certain circumstances for the purposes of identification of human remains after an Identification Programme is completed; to provide, on the dissolution of an Office of Director, for the transfer of any remaining functions, rights, liabilities and records to a relevant Minister; to amend the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 and the Planning and Development Act 2000; and to provide for related matters.

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