Safe Deposit Boxes and Related Deposits Bill 2022 (Bill 49 of 2022)

Bill entitled an Act to make certain provisions, in accordance with the exigencies of the common good, in relation to property deposited in safe deposit boxes or other such safe keeping arrangements in certain institutions; to require such institutions to establish and maintain a register of deposited property and to take certain steps to identify and notify persons entitled to ownership of, or an interest in, certain deposited property and for those purposes to provide for the examination by institutions of certain deposited property that is unclaimed; to provide for inspection and retention on behalf of the State of unclaimed property by the Director of the National Museum of Ireland and inspection of unclaimed property by certain other bodies; to provide for disposal of unclaimed property that is not retained by the Director of the National Museum of Ireland, including by means of sale; to provide for the transfer of moneys from unclaimed property, including the proceeds of any sale of such property, to the Dormant Accounts Fund; to make certain provisions in relation to supervision and enforcement of compliance by institutions with the provisions of this Act; to make certain consequential amendments to other enactments; and to provide for related matters.

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